Durable Handcrafted Outdoor Wood Products for Home and Garden Centers

Home & garden centers tell us their customers want beautiful and durable outdoor products that make outdoor living easier and more enjoyable.

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Craftsmanship Produced At Wholesale Volume

Located right here in Massachusetts, we build our handcrafted outdoor products from the best materials with utmost care and craftsmanship so that wholesalers can build a reputation with their customers as the place to go for outdoor home furniture and garden products.

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Top Quality Lumber

top quality lumber.

Our products are designed with usefulness, aesthetic appeal and durability in mind. We consider the size, weight and general use of the product before deciding which type of wood we should use. These are the materials we use for our range of products:

  • Old growth Knotty and Clear Pine direct from mills in Maine
  • Western Red Cedar direct from mills in Idaho
  • Pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine
  • PVC for its extra long-lasting quality

Hardware That Stands The Test of Time

We are also choosy about the hardware we use. It needs to stand up to the test of time. The more luxurious Cedar product line uses stainless steel hardware, but all our products receive the benefit of premium hardware that matches the life expectancy of the wood.

hardware that stands the test of time.

We Craft The Total Experience

Customers love well-designed products that are beautiful and durable.

crafting the total experience.

Our designs are uniquely ours. You may find similar products out there. But we have a decade of experience listening to what our customers want. What works and what doesn’t. What solves a problem and what makes a home enjoyable.

Top quality wood and hardware mean nothing unless in the hands of a capable carpenter. Look closely at the joints and edging of the products you sell. Pay attention to the hardware used and the care taken to construct the pieces. Those are the tell-tale signs of good craftsmanship that you will find in our products.

For us, production volume goes hand-in-hand with quality. We have the unique ability to create quality craftsmanship on a scale that others can’t match. Due to our unique equipment and processes and our ability to source excellent materials, you can sell the quality products you love at the volume that brings you profit.

Ask for samples 

We will gladly bring you a sample of our product. You will see first-hand the standard of care we take with our products, all hand made in the USA, right here in Massachusetts.

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Our Home And Garden Products

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